Reviews Nominated Johnny Davis/ Sky Limits music in the top 13 professionals in Oregon for music production! Click the link below to read more.
Strong determination and hardworking are the precise words to describe John Davis. At an early age, he has geared himself towards achieving success in business. This, coupled with his early passion for music, has almost perfectly laid out success for him as he stepped on his journey towards the music production industry.

Being a song writer and composer himself, his professionalism and the willingness to go the extra mile, has helped him become the dependable name to go to for recording, composing and production needs. He ensures that the clients are satisfied with his service through this strategy and he is always looking to advance his knowledge in the field.

Where your idea of music becomes tantamount to creativity and trust.

Have your music given an artist’s touch. This professional. He is among the best music engineers in your area he does music production, composition and customization jobs among others.
— Ashley B.
I run a video company and have used John’s music in a couple projects.

As a creative I understand the difficulty juggling multiple projects and responding to clients in a timely manner. This is something John is exceptional at. He is quick to respond and very professional.

He is also able to capture the goal of the project and create something fitting or adapt a score to fit what I need.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for well written and professional sounding music.
— Chris R. Searatz Media
Working with John has a been a smooth and creative process. His talent and ability to capture the theme and emotion of the customers thoughts into music is amazing. He has tremendous work ethic and is always keen to make sure the product is exactly what you want, and he was more then willing to make changes and stick to it even when i was being a pain and hard to work with. 100% working with him on my next projects.
— Torrey P. Raven Media Collective


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